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in2Dance - Western Dance

For your living room leaper, bedroom ballerina, and budding break dancer, we offer the perfect program to harness all that toe-tapping energy! Our 'summer-fit’ dance program consists of teaching basic elementary techniques of Jazz and Ballet by highly trained and experienced instructors in a FUN energetic session emphasizing on creativity, expression, self confidence and stimulating mental processes all while enhancing their physical development and expanding their rhythmic and body awareness.

Starting at an early age is the best time to start learning how to dance. Children learn movement patterns easily when they are young, similar to when they learn language. Your children will greatly benefit in life from learning to dance whether it is introduced as a hobby, for fun or to compete. 

We also have a more holistic year-round dance program at Aadyant, that runs in the evenings, for children who might want to pursue dance as a long term hobby. Here, the children gain more proficiency in selected dance forms and work more on developing their coordination, balance, strength and flexibility.

More information on dance forms:

  • Jazz – a high-energy dance style involving kicks, leaps and turns to the beat of the music.
  • Ballet – mostly performed to classical western music, this dance style focuses on strength, technique and flexibility.