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in2sports - football, cricket and basketball training program

Our classes pave the way for a lifetime of sixes, boundaries, goals and high fives by offering a solid grounding in the rules, strategies and fun of team sports.
We have curated our specialized football and basketball curriculum on some of the most effective youth systems globally. One of the first to offer football and basketball coaching for the 4 to 8 age group in NCR, the curriculum is focused on ingraining the fundamentals of the game in the children, while also working on the gross & fine motor skills, hand eye coordination and flexibility and, most importantly, having fun!!

We ensure a safe environment and certified coaches to ensure the development of children in a holistic manner. As children grow with the game, so does the training which each module building upon the skills they have already assimilated and taking them to the next level. Bundled in this is also our performance tracking services to track children’s improvement over quarters. We believe the performance is best improved when it is measured.