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Aadyant Global School

aadyant global school
10-11, Nelson Mandela Marg
Vasant Kunj, New Delhi -110070

Tel: 011-46031000, 9310374746
Fax: 011-46031020
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Toy-Train Ride

This specially imported toy-train traverses the rear greens of the school. The train stops at various junctions, artificially created based on different concepts creating a sense of curiosity amongst the children to get off the train and learn more.
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Skating Rink

At the three-years-plus stage, all students at Aadyant start learning skating, under the guidance of experts, in the school skating rink. Skating is an activity that improves the self-confidence of the students and also provides them a sense of balance and poise. In the interests of safety, initially, the students learn only how to balance on the skates.
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Splash Pool

The sportive little ones enjoy the splash pool facility to beat the heat of the scorching sun. They put their swim suits on and enjoy the water games.


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The sand-pit is not just the place for the kids to get messy and have a lot of fun, but the activities conducted here are of crucial importance to the all-round development. Picking up and transferring soft sand into a small plastic container is the best way to develop fine motor skills in the child. Creating images on the sand with imprints, or, at a later stage, creating a sand house are activities that help with the child’s creativity.
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Kiddies Garden

To develop a conservationist's attitude and respect for Mother Nature and her gifts, we have specially created for the children a Kiddies Garden, a delightful green house. Here the children learn to sow and take care of plants and flowers.
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Play Den

Nestled in the lap of nature, this area is designated for the development of motor skills. With a sporty appeal and great ambience this attractive corner comes alive with young children playing indoor games. The green surroundings energize the children as they enjoy outdoor sports facilitating their all round development.
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The Learning Chamber- Montessori Room

There are hundreds of articles of Montessori equipment in the Intellectual Development room. Working on different equipment, for instance, the 'Knobless Cylinders', as in this picture, helps the students to enhance their logical thinking. The purpose of playing/working on this teaching aid is to develop the hand-eye coordination of students. There is also specific equipment and teaching aids to develop the student's sense of touch, smell etc and to help them learn a lot of new concepts.
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Fantasia: Audio-Visual Room

The Audio Visual Room in the school called Fantasia is a wonderful facility that is simultaneously engrossing and educative for the children. In this room, the kids watch educative CDs, Cartoon Films and other material that buttress the concepts of the month. Audio Visual also aids teaching and is extremely useful for clarifying concepts to the children.

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My Dream Home

My Dream Home is an enchanting room, full of child-sized replicas of various parts of the house. Take the case of the kitchen, for instance. The My Dream Home has the kitchen sink and the refrigerator, the dining table and the dishes as also the cooking range. The children role-play in this section, acting the mother or the father, the brother or the sister and thereby learning happens using 'role-play' techniques. The basic objective of the My Dream Home section concept remains to inculcate in the students good habits, manners and etiquette and to usher in their proper socio-emotional development.
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Mighty Mice Computer Room

All the computers in the Mighty Mice Computer room are equipped with the latest software. Although children at this age are not exposed to computers for a long period of time, what they see on the computers widens their mental horizons and further clarifies concepts. Trained teachers acquaint the little ones with the computers in an age-appropriate manner.
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Messy Room

The students love the Messy Room at Aadyant, for, here they are free to paint whatever they wish to. When the children are left free to indulge their fancy in this manner, their innate creativity blossoms. The results are quite amazing and even the parents are amazed at what the little geniuses create with their little hands.
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The Learning Tree-Library

The Learning tree is a beautifully designed library which has a vast collection of books and encourages children to develop a love for books. It offers a wide variety, ranging from traditional fairytales to modern story books. Here, the children step into the fascinating world of fantasy.
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