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What We Offer

A warm environment full of opportunities for your child!

  • Your child will belong to a social circle which values respect, understanding and self-development.
  • Your child will be in an best possible learning environment with small groups, wonderful classmates and teachers and a state of the art facility .
  • Your child will be in a safe and supportive atmosphere, with teachers and friends who share the same educational values.
  • Your child will be in small classes of 20 students in the ratio of 1:10 of teacher and student respectively.

An excellent faculty!

  • Your child will be taught by excellent faculty, all of them qualified not only in ECE (and most with specializations such as Montessori training, etc.).
  • Your child will be introduced to school by nurturing teachers who care about your child as an individual and provide the personal attention your child deserves.
  • Students are offered a variety of learning situations based on each child's interest, developmental stage and learning style.

A place where your child will develop as a person!

  • A school where student leadership is encouraged, developed and supported.
  • A very active community life and service program, centered on student initiated projects.

Excellent academic content!

  • Our school is distinguished for its strong academic component.
  • Our challenging academic program advances at the pace set by your own child. Much more than just basic academics!.
  • An extensive extra-curricular component by trained instructors for all disciplines.
  • Field trips, outdoor education and community participation, as well as great outdoor fun!.
  • A visual arts program which covers the exploration of different medium and colors.

An inspiring school!

  • Excellent facilities, cleaned and sanitized daily by a professional company, and maintained diligently.
  • An in-house library that children are encouraged to use freely.